Grave Sale Information

Link to Dora Cemetery aerial interment map showing available grave spaces –Dora Cemetery aerial map 2018.5.10

Dora Cemetery grave space prices:  Dora Cemetery Grave Prices 12.2017

Once in a lifetime limited opportunity to acquire cemetery grave sites located in the Dora Cemetery in a quaint rural sitting.  Very reasonable prices for family planning.  Grave markers purchased and installed on site.  This cemetery is nestled within Brewster Valley 16.2 miles from Myrtle Point, Oregon traveling along Sitkum Lane.  Grave prices ranging from $500 to $1,000. Grave sites are available to all current and former residents of Oregon.

Dora Cemetery is located 16.2 miles from Myrtle Point, Oregon (Coos County).  GPS is 43.15566,-123.9964.  

Purchase of grave sites can be made either through PayPal, Visa, MasterCard or by check. Use the link directly below for purchase of or payments for grave sales.

We’re now on FacebookDora Cemetery Facebook

Please contact Ernie Krewson, DCA Secretary and Treasurer if you have questions or concerns at (503) 393-0585.  If you are a direct descendant of a descendant of a purchaser of a grave space(s) in the Dora Cemetery contact the cemetery as soon as possible to update mailing address and confirm ownership.

Please share with family and friends

Donations may be sent to:

The Dora Cemetery Association
1811 Stone Hedge Drive NE
Keizer, Oregon 97303
Secretary of State Registry # 001410-10


It’s easy to make a contribution to The Dora Cemetery Association – just click the Pay-Pal “Donate” button below and follow the instructions. A secure connection is provided and your credit card information will not be given to the Dora Cemetery Association. The Dora Cemetery Association will only receive your name, mailing address, and donated amount. You will receive a receipt directly from PayPal confirming the amount of your donation. A letter from the Dora Cemetery Association will be sent acknowledging your donation including information allowing for a federal and state tax deduction to the extent allowed by law.  Copy of IRS tax exempt letter – 2017 IRS tax-exempt letter and Dora Cemetery Association IRS Exempt Organizations Select Check

Donate securely online, using your Visa, MasterCard, or bank account, via PayPal.

We will promptly reply with an acknowledgement letter and income tax certificate supporting your tax deductible donation.

Please rest assure your charitable donation will be used for the betterment of our cemetery!


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