Please click on the link below, read the notice and reply to the e-mail address if you have a legal interest in the grave spaces located in Lot 27 at Dora Cemetery.

Grave site recovery Harry Lot 27

Copy of ORS 97.725 referenced in the notice – ORS 97.725

E-mail address to respond –,
Ernie Krewson
1811 Stone Hedge Drive NE
Keizer, Oregon 97303

Grave sales information:  Dora Cemetery Grave Prices 8.2017

Dora Cemetery aerial map – Dora Cemetery Map and Directions


The following is posted on the bulletin board located at Dora Cemetery:

Recent actions enacted by the Dora Cemetery Board of Directors:

  1. Dora Cemetery’s geographical area for purchasing grave spaces has been expanded to now include all Oregon residents past or present. As always if someone is related to someone interred at the cemetery they can purchase a grave site.
  2. Price for a grave site is $ 600. Grave sites are 8 feet by 4 feet.  A grave site can contain two interments. One traditional and one cremated remains OR two cremated remains.
  3. Price for a grave site is $ 300 for a 4 feet by 4 feet (cremation only).
  4. Perpetual maintenance fees are paid when grave sites are acquired. The perpetual care fund surcharge is $ 200 per planned interment to cover ongoing cemetery management and maintenance costs.
  5. Perpetual maintenance care fees and grave purchases are to be paid in full prior to placing a grave marker in the cemetery.
  6. John Frazier is designated by the cemetery board to open and close a grave site and to place grave markers in the cemetery.

Some of these changes have come about because on several occasions cremated remains have been interred in our cemetery without our knowledge.  We as a board desire to protect the interest of the cemetery by collecting funds for the perpetual maintenance care of our cemetery and to meet the record keeping requirements set forth by the Oregon Mortuary and Cemetery Board.

All major credit cards are accepted for grave purchases and perpetual maintenance care fees.

Ernie Krewson
Secretary / Treasurer
Dora Cemetery Association
Telephone: (503) 931- 6266
Secretary of State Registry # 001410-10
All major credit cards are accepted


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