Article 23.

(This Article supersedes Articles 5, 19, 22.)

May 19, 1979.

  1. A Member of the Association is any person who:
    1. Owns a grave space, or
    2. Has a relative buried in the Cemetery
  2. Voting in the Association is restricted to Members, provided that:
    1. No person has more than one vote, and
  3. Only one person may vote as a result of a particular buried relative
  4. Amended May 25, 1985 that: A quorum shall be five members.


Article 25

(This Article supersedes Articles 8 and 21, and Resolution: Dora, May 21st, 1915)

May 19, 1979

Grave Purchases

Keeping in mind the community nature of the Association and the fact that the number of grave spaces is limited, the following conditions apply:

  1. Present or former resident of Dora Voting Precinct # 28 as the boundaries now exist, or
  2. Amended December 7, 2012 and reaffirmed by Dora Cemetery Association’s Board action to expand Voting Precinct #28 to include Voting Precinct # 35 for present or former residents, or
  3. Amended December 10, 2016 and reaffirmed by Dora Cemetery Association’s Board action that Dora Cemetery’s geographical area for purchasing grave spaces has been expanded to now include all Oregon residents past or present, or
  4. Relative of someone buried in the Cemetery or
  5. Owner of a grave space as of this date or
  6. At the discretion of the Board of Directors.

Amended December 4, 2015 and reaffirmed by Dora Cemetery Association’s Board action that the price of one grave space is $ 600 and the perpetual maintenance fee is  $ 200 effective March 1, 2016 per planned interment.

Amended December 4, 2015 and reaffirmed by Dora Cemetery Association’s Board action the sale of grave spaces to include payment of perpetual maintenance fees at time of grave sale.

Amended December 4, 2015 and reaffirmed by Dora Cemetery Association’s Board action all perpetual maintenance fees and grave space to be paid prior to placement of a grave marker in the cemetery.


1. The Dora Cemetery Association’s (“Association”) secretary must be notified and receive the following information prior to any interment at the Dora Cemetery. The name of the deceased, the deceased’s birth date, the deceased’s date of death, next-of-kin, funeral establishment (if any) OR other document such as a death certificate or final disposition permit.

2. Interment of cremated remains is prohibited by anyone without written authorization from the Association’s secretary. All interments and placing of grave markers in the cemetery is to be done only by John Frazier (541.572.5612), our sexton.

3. Permission to be obtained from the Association’s secretary prior to the placement of permanent fixtures (i.e. markers, tombstones, trees).

4. The interment space(s) to be used for interment purposes only and the Purchaser’s rights are limited by and subject to the Association’s rules and regulations as now existing or as amended in the future.

5. An interment right conveys only a right to be interred in the interment space(s) and in no way is any real estate title conveyed to the Purchaser.

6. Services related to interment in the interment space(s) are not included in the rights conveyed and are subject to the Association’s service charges and availability. These charges will be determined at the time they are purchased and are subject to change.

7. Purchaser may resell an interment space(s) only to the Association and at the price originally paid.

8. The Association shall use the Purchaser’s address for any official notices concerning the interment space. The purchaser shall notify the cemetery of any change in their mailing address and telephone number.

9. Grave spaces are $400 each allowing two cremated remains OR one cremated remains and one traditional interment per each grave space. An administrative fee of $ 150 is applied for each interment.

Interments of cremated remains are occurring in our cemetery without notifying the
Association’s secretary. Our cemetery license issued by the Oregon Mortuary and
Cemetery Board (OMCB) requires record keeping of all interments. No notification and
not providing information requested by the OMCB may cause penalties to be imposed.

Ernie Krewson
Dora Cemetery Association – Secretary
Telephone: (503) 393-0585
Mortuary and Cemetery Board # 2011/2012-CE-0880

Please share with family and friends

Donations may be sent to:

The Dora Cemetery Association
1811 Stone Hedge Drive NE
Keizer, Oregon 97303
Secretary of State Registry # 001410-10


It’s easy to make a contribution to The Dora Cemetery Association – just click the Pay-Pal “Donate” button below and follow the instructions. A secure connection is provided and your credit card information will not be given to the Dora Cemetery Association. The Dora Cemetery Association will only receive your name, mailing address, and donated amount. You will receive a receipt directly from PayPal confirming the amount of your donation. A letter from the Dora Cemetery Association will be sent acknowledging your donation including information allowing for a federal and state tax deduction to the extent allowed by law.  Dora Cemetery IRS tax-exempt letter – 2017 IRS tax-exempt letter

Donate securely online, using your Visa, MasterCard, or bank account, via PayPal.

We will promptly reply with an acknowledgement letter and income tax certificate supporting your tax deductible donation.

Please rest assure that your charitable donations will be used for the betterment of our cemetery!


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