Historic Cemetery Grant & Pictures

Ernie Krewson on behalf of the Dora Cemetery Association applied for and received a grant of $ 1,500 from the 2011 – 2013 State of Oregon Historical Cemetery Program. John Frazer, sexton provided a five hour training session on August 18, 2012. The idea is to train volunteers with the knowledge of how to properly clean, level, and reset grave markers during and after the completion of the project. The Oregon Parks and Recreational Department Heritage Programs provided the necessary funding and with Dora Cemetery volunteers made this a very successful project.

Thanks to our volunteers volunteering on our very first grave marker cleaning on August 18, 2012. We were able to get the required plus more of hours needed to be reimbursed for all of our expenses. Our expenses were as follows:

Repair of large grave marker base nearly gone $ 350
Training provided by John Fraizer 240
Materials (i.e. buckets, brushes, cleaning liquids) 73
Total reimbursement 663

The grave marker project recognizes 66 interments without a grave marker as identified on the attachment. Grave markers have been purchased for six of these interments. The project is working on getting two more grave markers for veterans interred in our cemetery and sent letters to six other families hoping they will purchase a grave marker. Interments without grave markers Copy

Information related to purchasing a grave marker to be placed in the Dora Cemetery – Grave Marker Purchase Letter

How to Clean Cemetery Markers – How to clean grave markers

How to clean bronze grave markers – Bronze-grave-marker-cleaning-instructions

Grave marker cleaning do and dont’s – http://www.oregon.gov/OPRD/HCD/OCHC/docs/OCHCPPMarkerCleaning.pdf?ga=t

A copy of the grant approval from the State of Oregon approving the grant of $ 1,500 State of Oregon Grant Agreement

Dora Cemetery Historical Cemetery Certification and letter:  historical-certificate-letter

Dora Cemetery Historical Cemetery sign – 230.jpg

Ernie Krewson has completed an online course provided by the State of Oregon on valuable information in organizing this event. Certificate of Completion

You may reach the cemetery via e-mail dora_cemetery_association@comcast.net, by postal mail to Dora Cemetery Association at 1811 Stone Hedge Drive NE., Keizer, OR 97303 or calling Ernie 503.393.0585.

Weekly, Addie Interim



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