Grave Marker Project 2014

The Dora Cemetery Association received its full funding of $ 1,100 from the State of Oregon for the completion of its 2014-2015 grave marker project.  Harrah!

The $ 1,100 was provided to John Frazier, Sexton for leveling and repairing 11 large grave markers in dire need of repair and/or leveling.  These grave markers were too difficult for our volunteers to level and repair.  This allowed the volunteers to concentrate more time on the 50 small to medium grave markers.

Six Coquille High School students with guidance provided by Tom and Ernie Krewson spent the day cleaning and leveling grave markers on April 11,2014 .  They utilized their time learning about cemeteries and the care needed to maintain grave markers.  They did a fantastic job and were very eager to learn. The six high school students were Mariah Ray, Sabrina Smith, Savanna McAdams, Daniel David-Hodge, Wyatt Yates and Gavin Clawson.

An additional August 2014  workparty consisted of 9 volunteers who spent a day leveling grave markers.  This workforce worked extremely well and was able to level  some of the more difficult grave markers.  They were Clell Laird, David Laird, Ernie Krewson, Tom Krewson, Jo Peterson, Kallie Krewson, Burton Wilson, Colleen Wilson and Betty Krewson.

A couple of the medium size grave markers needing special attention for cleaning were transported to Keizer, Oregon by Ernie Krewson.  These grave markers have been returned and remounted.  See first before and after picture below of Elizabeth Evans as an example.

Joyce Collins of West Coast Monument donated two grave markers for two of the interments in Potter’s Field that didn’t have a grave marker.  Thanks, Joyce.

As an extension of this project the Dora Cemetery Association has applied for two military grave markers for Joseph Hatcher and Hubert Harry interred in our cemetery without a grave marker. This is a challenging endeavor as both of these veterans were in the military in the early 1900’s and finding their military records needed to obtain a grave marker is challenging.  For a list of the veterans interred in our cemetery click on the link – Dora Cemetery Vetern List 6.15.2015

The grave marker project ran from November 1, 2013 through September 30, 2014.  Below are before and after pictures of some of the grave markers that have been cleaned, repaired, and leveled.

Elizabeth Evans

Evans, Elizabeth Before   Evans, Elizabeth After 2                                                                                   At Ernie Krewson’s home

Evans, Elizabeth After

Straightening grave markers

Before straightening  After straightening 2

After straightening To be cleaned by Coquille High School students

IMG_4127  Coquille High School students

Picture of Tom Krewson and Ernie Krewson with six Coquille High School students – Mariah Ray, Sabrina Smith, Savanna McAdams, Daniel David-Hodge, Wyatt Yates and Gavin Clawson.

IMG_0853  Cleaned by Coquille High School students

IMG_0806  Cleaned by Coquille High School students

IMG_0876  Before

IMG_0898 Cleaned by Coquille High School students

IMG_0919 Coquille High School students

Leveling grave markers by Coquille High School students – their the greatest!






Work in Progress – Under Construction

Guy Weekly

Weekly, Guy before Weekly,Guy after

Hatcher Family

Hatcher Before  Hatcher After

Hatcher After 2

Weekly, Addie

Weekly, Addie Before  Weekly, Addie Interim

Weekly, Addie After

Lasswell Family

Lasswell Before Lasswell After

Lasswell 2

IMG_3416  0210141530b_322878

Amanda Heller

Heller, Amanda After Heller, Amanda Before

Louis Heller

Heller, Louis Before Heller, Louis After

These grave markers were repaired and leveled.

IMG_3416 Lasswell, William P. Weekly 2 photo 1 IMG_3581 IMG_4624 IMG_4614 IMG_4611 IMG_3423 IMG_3422 Culbertson, Emma 2


Clell Laird, David Laird, Ernie Krewson, Tom Krewson, Jo Peterson, and Kallie Krewson.

IMG_2537 IMG_2533 IMG_2527 IMG_2522 IMG_2518 IMG_2512 IMG_2509 IMG_2498 IMG_2496 IMG_2547

2 comments on “Grave Marker Project 2014
  1. Hannah Landers says:

    Hubert Harry filled a 1919 census in which he told about he time in the first WW. He had ran away at14 and was in the Rainbow Div. I think he call himself Harry White, not sure.
    Hannah Harry Landers

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