When visiting, please respect the cemetery’s peaceful nature and our neighbors by keeping noise to a minimum. Hours are from dawn to dusk. On-leash pets are welcome. Please clean up after your animals. Thank you.

General Directions
Sitkum Lane from Ash Street (Dee’s Market) travel northeast going 16.4 miles (look for 16 mile marker on right side of county road). Proceed past 16 mile marker for the entrance to our cemetery is on the left side of the county road. Dora cemetery is (43.15566,-123.9964) well marked with a very tall cross. The Google Map will assist as well – just click on the Google Map DIRECTIONS below and you will be taken to the Dora Cemetery map (note: Google map may take a little bit to upload depending on your computer speed)

Google Aerial Directional Map

Dora Cemetery GPS (43.15566,-123.9964)

Coos County assessment location of cemetery – township-28-south-range-11-west-section-10-dora-cemetery

It’s easy to make a contribution to The Dora Cemetery Association – just click the Pay-Pal “Donate” button below and follow the instructions. A secure connection is provided and your credit card information will not be given to the Dora Cemetery Association. The Dora Cemetery Association will only receive your name, mailing address, and donated amount. You will receive a receipt directly from PayPal confirming the amount of your donation. A letter from the Dora Cemetery Association will be sent acknowledging your donation including information allowing for a federal and state tax deduction to the extent allowed by law.

Donate securely online, using your Visa, MasterCard, or bank account, via PayPal.

We will promptly reply with an acknowledgement letter and income tax certificate supporting your tax deductible donation.

Upcoming projects:

  • Leveling and resetting grave markers – 2016-2017
  • Ground maintenance – Continuous
  • Painting two sheds – second coat of paint – 2016-2017
  • Reseal pavement – 2016-2017

Projects completed:

  • Electrical and water lines installed to new water well – January 2012
  • Purchasing weed eaters and small tools – February 2012
  • Removing green sheds, trimming tree limbs, buying and installing new tool shed – February 2012
  • Install new picnic bench in middle of cemetery – April 2012
  • Relocating current tool shed to northern part of cemetery – May 2012
  • Locating newly acquired tool shed in northern part of cemetery – May 2012
  • Running water with 2 water faucets now in cemetery May 2012
  • Paint old shed – June 2012
  • Adding 4 to 6 more water faucets August 2012
  • Leveling and resetting grave markers, relocating current tool shed – August 18, 2012
  • Harvesting cemetery trees – June 2014
  • Replace old fence with 400  black cyclone fence – April 2015
  • Paving cemetery road into cemetery and creating/paving new parking lot – March 2016

You may reach the cemetery via e-mail, using the form below, by postal mail to Dora Cemetery Association at 1811 Stone Hedge Drive NE., Keizer, OR 97303 or calling Ernie 503.393.0585.


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